Good Shepary Pharmacy

***Check out Good Shepard Pharmacy website. 

The first nationwide nonprofit membership pharmacy. 

They exists to improve the lives of their members through affordable pharmacy services and the gospel of Jesus Christ. They refuse to accept the corrupt pricing schemes associated with prescription insurance. They are completely transparent about the true price of prescription medication, saving their members hundreds of dollars per month.

*They give you a price quote on every medication you take and they won't sign you up unless they can save you money

*They call you to confirm your prescription, billing, and shipping information.

*Prescriptions are faxed or emailed to them by your provider. They sync all of your prescriptions so they are always filled at the same time.

*Once they have all of your prescriptions they send them out together. Refills are automatic every 90 days.

Individuals: Monthly     $40          Families:  Monthly    $70

                      6-Months  $200                       6-months  $350

                      Annual      $400                        Annual      $700

Shipping  $5 Flat Rate per package. 

They get over 300 medications for free but they don't get EVERYTHING for free. Some medications will have a cost. This is why they review your medication list and generate a price quote before they sign you up. 

You can have prescription insurance- in fact many of their members do- they just are not going to use it. By removing all of the markup and selling your prescriptions at cost, they are often able to beat the prices you pay with your insurance.

They do not fill any narcotics/controlled substances.