Frequently Asked Questions


What if I need care when I am on vacation? 

You must have been seen in the office at least once, then you just call the provider and discuss the details of the problem. This is where pictures and video can come into play. We will do our best to determine what care is needed.

What if I need stitches or something happens to me after hours?

Vital Med has you covered. You call your provider for urgent needs and discuss the details. From there, the provider will decide what care is needed- meet at office, early morning appointment, referral, or emergency room visit. Pictures or video may be used to decide on care needed. Having 24/7 access to your provider can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, compared to an emergency room visit charges. 

How are you able to offer such discounted/free labs and procedures?

For members, we pass the savings to you. Plain and simple. We don't have to code for insurance and that saves us time and money. Laboratories like being able to bill Vital Med for all patient tests, instead of each patients' individual insurance.   

Do I still need health insurance?

Yes.  Unless you are a billionaire and want to pay all costs out of pocket. Vital Med provides primary care services only. Vital Med is not health insurance. Trips to the ER, hospitalizations, specialists, radiology exams, and catastrophic events will require health insurance. 

There are  affordable alternatives to typical health insurances for some people. We recommend Liberty Health Share for health cost sharing, and Good Shepard pharmacy for chronic medications. 

What happens if I get behind on monthly payments? Our patients love being able to budget their primary care costs each month, no surprises. We understand life gets tough at times, call the office and discuss before you become behind. Different arrangements can be discussed.  Without a prior arrangement, those who are late or behind on payments must become current before being seen by the provider. If account is 2 months behind, a re-enrollment fee of $40 plus delinquent amounts must be made current to receive care by the provider. At three months over due, we will try to contact you regarding your account. If unsuccessful, we will cancel your membership and turn your account over for collection. 

What do I have to do if I want to cancel my membership?

There is no contract to sign-up, you are only locked in for one month at a time. Just call us during regular working hours before the 1st of the following month and we will cancel your membership.  Monthly membership  fees will not be prorated. A cancellation letter will be sent by Vital Med showing  the cancellation has been  finalized and that your chart has been archived. A cancelled membership  cannot be reinstated, the patient will no longer be eligible for member pricing. The patient is offered care at non-member pricing if account is up to date.